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Locanda da Condo
Piazza Fontana, 134
Tel 0438.898106
31010 Col S. Martino (Treviso)

Chiuso il martedì sera e tutto il mercoledì


Our history


When I was little, I always wanted to be "El Dottor" (a doctor), but as I grew up I realised it was better to feed people rather than cure then, so, to the disappointment of Mum and Dad, I undertook the catering road, which once upon a time was very hard to follow. To try to convince me of this fact, my mother was never willing to teach me the tricks of the trade (which she had to learn, like it or not) and she often put a spoke in my wheels


So I decided to go and see how the others worked: chefs like Paracucchi, Andreas, Vergè, I wanted to meet them personally, go shopping with them to understand, to try … then it happens that when you have learned to ride a bike, all of a sudden you are on your own and travelling down your own road. That is when your origins and roots come out: that is how Venetian cooking has continued to survive here in the "Locanda da Condo", which has kept the name given it by my father Giocondo, and nicknamed "Condo", a host who was always friendly and more generous with his guests than even with his family

In our kitchen during the winter months, you can always find salami with onions, "musetto" with creamed potatoes, pasta and bean soup, spit roasts, mixed boiled meat, "fregolotta" and other desserts made from chestnuts and "mascarpone". In the hot months, rice and peas, ricotta dumplings or polenta dumplings with cinnamon, cured sausages and local cheese, pickled meat, stuffed guinea fowl, fruit mousse and fresh peach desserts. To book your table and order your wine, my wife Beatrice called "Bea" is there to help you, our young lovely Elisa will prepare your bill and for the games, the smaller and latest arrival Tea is there to entertain you.


Before you leave, visit our small wine cellar that still has the original wooden casks, where you can enjoy a last glass of wine before you go.

Goodbye for now, we look forward to seeing you in Col San Martino

- Locanda da Condo -
Tel 0438.898106
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